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He An smiled. “I don’t have much to do recently, so I came to Jingzhou to relax.”

“That’s right, Boss Pei, how... is your game going?”

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Of course, this “game” referred to Mission and Choice. The birth of this game was closely related to He An.

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He An had been feeling worried ever since he suggested to Boss Pei. He was afraid that he would lose five hundred million yuan. Wouldn’t that be cheating Boss Pei?

Thus, He An came to Jingzhou to relax as it had been weighing on his mind. Of course, he had to ask since he met Boss Pei by coincidence.

Pei Qian remained silent for a moment. “Er... I’m not sure either.”

He An: “?”

You are not sure about it?

This was a game project that cost five hundred million yuan!

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The game had been developed for more than four months from the official start of production. It might have been almost completed by now if it had been a small project.

‘Mission and Choice’ was a huge production and the development period had to be extended. However, Tengda would have to produce a semi-finished product in four months with their efficiency, right?

Yet, Boss Pei himself was not sure?