How to make a video online?

How to make a video online?

It was worth celebrating.

Pei Qian was very happy and decided to give Meng Chang a call to encourage him.

From the current situation, Meng Chang’s guaranteed commission was basically stable. There was also a lot of hope for him to get the commission at the end of the month.

He could encourage him to continue working hard to advertise in the opposite direction. After the Dawn gaming platform collapses this month, he could create a money-burning tree for himself. Then, he could create another industry next month and create another money-burning tree.

If he continued to plant them one by one, he would sooner or later become a money-burning forest!

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It was very meaningful.

Pei Qian immediately called Meng Chang.

“Hello? Boss Pei?” Meng Chang sounded slightly surprised.

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Obviously, he did not expect Boss Pei to take the initiative to call.

Pei Qian was very happy. “I’ve seen the current situation of Dawn Games and am very satisfied!”

“It looks like you’ve figured it out and grasped the right publicity method.”

“I’m proud of you!”

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“Continue persevering and finish the work. The commission is beckoning to you!”

“You have to remember this experience in the future, continue working hard and try to create glory!”

Pei Qian was not stingy with his praise.