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Thus, Phil Simmons made up his mind. He wanted to become a superhero by hook or by crook. He wanted to become the strongest superhero. He wanted to get rid of all the superheroes that stood in his way.

Cui Geng quickly wrote an opening to the story.

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Cui Geng quickly settled the background of the entire story, including the character of the protagonist. Everything was very natural.

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However, Cui Geng had no idea why Phil Simmons had made up his mind to become a superhero or how he had managed to do it.

However, he was not in a hurry at all. It was a fixed-rate contract after all. Cui Geng did not feel pressured to create anything. All he had to do was slowly accumulate the materials and carefully work on it.

Next, Cui Geng planned to look through all the films, television dramas, comics, and works related to superheroes, as well as works that reflected American politics.

There was a lot of content in these works. It would probably take him at least a week to read most of them even if he watched them with a high intensity of eight hours a day. Moreover, it was unknown whether or not he could find enough inspiration during this period and write a good story outline.

Yet, for some reason, Cui Geng was filled with confidence in himself because Boss Pei himself had set the theme!

February 10th, Friday...

In the office of the Cold-Faced Lady in Beijing.

Qi Yan and her colleagues were busy preparing for the Gourmet Laboratory.

Originally, the entire Cold-Faced Lady’s company was immersed in a confused atmosphere without knowing what to do. That was because this brand was established by Meng Chang. Meng Chang originally had a complete set of theories, but now, Meng Chang’s theories had been overthrown, and his personal halo had been crushed. Therefore, the employees who were originally inspired by Meng Chang were now lost.

However, Qi Yan led the Cold-Faced Lady employees to find a direction to work towards again after reading the articles about Meng Chang and Boss Pei!

Qi Yan decided to lead her employees to continue working hard according to Boss Pei’s instructions to change the current situation of the Cold-Faced Lady. She must not disappoint Boss Pei!

The first thing she wanted to do was to hire outstanding vendors to be Gourmet Advisers, establish a Gourmet Laboratory, and improve the taste of all dishes including roasted cold noodles.

Qi Yan’s plan continued after the Lunar New Year.