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I can sense Kousei tilting his head outside the door.

I sighed deeply. …Then, I told him the crux of this problem.

“I feel like there’s a high chance for me to bump into the Hoshinomori sisters or Tendou-san…”

“…What? Uh, well, …eh? So? What’s wrong with that?”

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Kousei asked me like he’s thoroughly confused. Sigh, it’s hard to blame him. It’s because…I don’t want to see them due to an incredibly personal reason.

Uh, not wanting to see them, I guess I shouldn’t put it this way.

The correct way to put it would be…I can’t bring myself to face them.

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The reason for that is…

(During the Christmas party, …Konoha-san pointed out an incredibly disgusting and insincere fact – I view Chiaki as a girl…)

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Also, Chiaki overheard the entire conversation. The situation couldn’t be worse.

(I don’t even remember how did the Christmas party end…)

I bet Chiaki’s the same as well. After that, Chiaki and I weren’t talking to each other appropriately. When 2 out of 6 participants were like this, the other members couldn’t cheer up the mood.

In the end, the party ended on a sad note. …I’m not really sure, though.

Anyway, at least, the silver lining is that only Chiaki, Konoha-san, and I were involved in that incident. Tendou-san, Uehara-kun, and Aguri-san only noticed that something wasn’t right during the latter half.

From this perspective, including the Hoshinomori sisters, no one blamed me for anything.

…Aside from one person.

I’m the one that’s endlessly blaming myself right now.

I hugged my legs tightly as I remained in the chair.

I don’t even want to see Uehara-kun and Aguri-san right now since they are respectable friends. Their relationship is so bright. Of course, not to mention Tendou-san and the Hoshinomori sisters.