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(I think Amano-senpai should be more familiar here…)

I guess I’m more well-educated when it comes to hentai games. However, I shouldn’t overlook Amano-senpai’s “wide but shallow” mindset. Since as a result, he has a high chance of knowing something great in the fields that I haven’t touched on before. If specialized players like me need to recommend hentai games to Amano-senpai, I need to go for the extreme route.

I grabbed the dating sim packages in order and looked at the cover cheerfully as I thought about Amano-senpai.

(Perhaps this is why senpai is popular among gamers. He can chat happily with them, as long as the person loves gaming.)

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Also, he’s sincere, frank, and not trying to appeal to someone. This makes him comfortable to talk to. I guess that’s why senpai managed to do well with Tendou-senpai, even though she’s a hardcore gamer.

I thought about it as I grabbed the next game. It’s called Golden Memories 2. Although I didn’t recognize it, …it seems interesting. It’s just that it reminded me of Tendou-senpai since all the females are in blonde hair.

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I read the “the typical young boy trying his best to get close to the school idol” description at the bottom of the cover. Then, I can’t help but think about those two.

(However, …is Amano-senpai happy with that? The girl that suits him…isn’t Karen Tendou, after all-)

Things immediately happened when I just started thinking.

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“Hey, Konoha-san? Hello, didn’t expect to see you here, what a coincidence.”

I can hear a familiar voice from behind.

I turned back tremblingly, then I found out the person that’s standing there- it’s the blonde angel that showed up in my mind.


The empty Golden Memories 2 package slipped off from my hand.

“Ah, sorry, I think I startled you.”

Tendou-senpai said that as she quickly crouched to pick up the game for me. I snapped out of it and apologized. “I-I’m sorry.” Then, I reached my hand out to take the package…For some reason, Tendou-senpai didn’t hand me that right away. Instead, she stood up and stared at the box.