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It has a bed and food, plenty of time, and what’s more, it doesn’t increase my age.

It was too ideal a circumstance that I gulped down my saliva.

「And the best thing about this 100 million year button is that, for the you who is over here, only a single moment would have passed!」

「……What does it mean?」

I did not understand the meaning.

100 million years is 100 million years. There’s no way it would pass in an instant.

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「Actually … 100 million years of memories will be erased at the moment of returning from the other world to the real world! In other words, for the you who is here, at the moment the button is pressed -」

「――I will be in the state of having trained for 100 million years!」

「Exactly! I’m glad you understand easily!」

At the end of the explanation, the hermit of time said, 「How is it? Isn’t it amazing?」 and stuck out the 100 million years button towards me.

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I intently stared at the red button.

(If… If I truly could train for 100 million years…)

I might be able to win against Dodriel.

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A short period of about 4 or 5 years is not enough to catch up with Dodriel.

But if I have 100 million years of time … Even a talentless swordsman like me can catch up with that genius- no, I can surpass him.

After thinking so far, I was pulled back to reality.