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How to make money on the online mold

“This creator really knows his own worth. On account of your honesty, I’ll tip you with an additional 5 yuan!”

“I’ll send this game to my friend as a gift!”

Pei Qian was almost on the brink of tears upon reading the comments.

What must I say in the summary to persuade you guys to ask for a refund?!

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Pei Qian had finally realized that setting the sale price at 1 yuan was a huge mistake – it was so cheap that people who bought it weren’t even bothered with going through the refund process!

However, the main point was that Pei Qian didn’t dare to set it too high as well – this was an indie game after all. If he had set it at 100 yuan, not only would it be difficult to get through ESRO’s vetting process, the system would definitely warn him for it too!

Pei Qian was despondent as he looked at the popularity of the game soar rapidly – he could barely take it anymore.

“Brother Qian, you’re skipping this afternoon’s classes again?”

Ma Yang had already packed his stuff. He asked puzzledly as he looked at Pei Qian who was clearly awake but lying on his bed and contemplating about life with widened eyes like a dead fish.

Pei Qian waved it off; he didn’t even have the strength to reply.

“You’re really something.”

Ma Yang left with his books.

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This was year one after all. Most students would only cultivate the habit of skipping classes and sleeping till noon by the time they were in year two or three.

Pei Qian was someone who had transmigrated from 10 years in the future after all and he knew that skipping these classes meant nothing to him.